Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hasbe e Hal Best Program On Dunya News Live

Recently Dunya News Live playing one of the great show hasbe-e-Hal which is also known as one of the best TV program in Dunya News. It was a good and well knows dunya News channel and also had a lot of popularity in the Comedy television field. Recently one of the top shows of Habe-e Hal on dunya News live was played. Check it out this awesome video. Love it


  1. Dear Hasbe Hal Group:

    Asalamo Alaikum Wa-Rehmatullah!

    Congratulations for an outstanding intellectual and fascinating GARMA GARM program based on contemporary day in and day out issues back home.

    No doubts, Mr. Aziz, is a great versatile actor with distinctive quality of having all sort of spices aromatic and pungent to prepare a delicious flavored dish.

    May I take the opportunity to suggest for rectification of few things in your superb program.

    1. A common mistake, ONLY our brothers/sisters commit, no one has brought it up yet on TV, the reason being is, we are Muslim nation but we don't want to learn the Arabic language. It is common sense, if some one asks a question, you are suppose to answer the question, but instead if you repeat him his question to him, that is enough to show your educational level.

    In many of our TV programs, panel discussion, when people call to participate, the person leading the program says Asalamo Alaikum! the next person 99.9% replies Asalamo Alaikum! instead of Wa Alaikum Asalam! (meant: AND PEACE BE UPON YOU TOO). You guys need to educate people repeatedly so they get used to it.

    2. Your new stage set up is much better than before, the only flaw or short coming is your background music, which is so annoying, can you replace it with any soothing ARABIC DRUM BEATS AND MUSIC.

    3. To send Salam to each other is Farz and Sunnah, it should be loud clear and if you add hand gesture that is more appropriate. Mr. Junaid you're great in all aspects, you do it well after starting your show, Mr. Azizi has learned a lot with your association (I am just kidding) he is superb, but your HANSE KA GOL GAPA, Ms Najia's salutation is imported, instead welcoming or saying Salam she is waving goodbye or bye bye! Will you NAJIA JI say loudly Asalamo Alaikum with a great smile as usual. Thanks for listening.

    Pardon me, if I happened to heart someone, no hard feelings please!

    Khan Gul Farooqi
    Virginia, USA.

  2. I hope my above message will be conveyed to Mr. Junaid, program anchor of Hasbe Hal, if not.

    Will some one forward me their email address, which they never read to people in their program, but they still received lot of mails and they read it for us.

    Please provide me the address, my email is Aghuni@yahoo.com

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YemZ9ZrcMWU&feature=endscreen&NR=1

    A friend of mine forwarded this clip. I like to help this person out. His courage should be honored as well as police officer who took action against the accused.

    Can you help locate Mr. Nafees Khan Lodhi and DPO Dr. Rizwan.